CVCC Budget

 CVCC budget slideshow thumbnailThis page will host the latest documents and developments around our school budget. Check back for updates throughout the year.
Read the CVCCSD Budget Overview for Fiscal Year 2025 Presentation.

Budget Development

Overview & Purpose

As part of the District’s ongoing effort to create a more equitable school system for students, families, and staff, we work to create an Equitable Budgeting and Staffing Model and annual process for allocating funding to our schools. Our goal is twofold: 

  1. Resources, including money, time, qualified staff, appropriate facilities, materials, instructional hardware and software, and academic and other supports – must be distributed in ways to ensure that all students achieve high academic standards; 
  2. To increase transparency and community participation in the budget development process. 


  • Support the implementation of the CVCCSD Mission and Vision;
  • Meet or exceed Education Quality Standards;
  • Implement key initiatives;
  • Implement and continue to improve the budget process - including a focus on community input.

Annual Timeline:

  • Superintendent & Business Manager conduct Internal Program Reviews and gather community and employee feedback.
  • Board review Budget Planning Timeline, Ballot Format
  • Report to Board:  Director Hat perspective, then prioritize w/ Superintendent hat
  • Finance Committee Budget review; Fiscal Forecast and Strategic Budget Planning.
  • Prior Year Audit Update
  • 1st Draft budget presented to School Board for review
  • Finance Committee Budget review/update. 
  • 2nd Draft budget presented to School Board for review
  • Finance Committee Budget review/update
  • Budget Forum: Public Information Meeting
  • Finance Committee Budget review/update
  • AOE Updated funding law assumptions if available.
  • 3rd Draft budget presented to School Board for review in advance of January approval
  • The Finance Committee voted to present the budget as is to the Board for Review
  • Budget approved by School Board 
  • Approve & Post Warning of Annual District Meeting
  • Public School District Annual meeting 
  • Community Outreach
  • Town Meeting Day
  • Voter approved budget reported AOE
  • Thank you for your support postcard
  • Issue Teacher Contracts by 4/15
  • Request for Proposals
  • Review BUUSD Lease Agreement
  • Return of Teacher Contracts 5/15
  • Issue Support Staff Contracts
  • Review needs of CVCC (Facilities)
  • Revenue Anticipation Note
  • Budget Process Reflection
  • Fiscal Year ends
  • Fiscal Year begins
  • Board Recess