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The Human Services Program prepares students for employment in careers that relate to families and human needs including education, counseling, mental health services, family and financial planning, elder care, and personal care services. Students who participate in this program will develop academic, problem solving, workplace, citizenship, ethics, and leadership skills.



Successful students in this program have these academic opportunities available to them.

 - Dual Enrollment through the Community College of Vermont

 (contingent upon Accuplacer scores)

  Students have the opportunity to gain credit in 2 of the following courses...

     *  Workplace Communication in Early Childhood Education (4 credits)

     *  Infant/Toddler Development (3 credits)

     *  Introduction to Human Services (3 credits)

     *  Introduction to Early Childhood Education (3 credits)

     *  Human Growth and Development (3 credits)

 - Child Development Associate Certification (CDA) (Eligible students who enroll in the Human Services program for both their junior and senior years will be able to complete the 480 hours required for this certification over the course of their two years at CVCC. Students who only complete one year at CVCC will need to plan to continue working on this certification after they leave CVCC.)

 - Community First Aid Certification (CFA-ARC)

 - CPR, Child, Infant and Adult Certification (CPR-ARC)


Vermont Proficiency Alignment

While covering a full curriculum of content specific to this trade, students in this program will be trained and assessed on the following high school-level academic proficiencies using the following indicators from Vermont’s Proficiency-Based Graduation Requirements.

For more information about Vermont’s Proficiency-Based Graduation Requirements, visit the VT Agency of Education’s website here.



Major Proficiencies:  1. Modeling    2. Number & Quantity

Minor Proficiencies:  6. Statistics & Probability



3. Life Sciences   5. Life Sciences



1. Reading   2. Writing   3. Writing   4. Speaking & Listening   5. Speaking & Listening   6. Language



1. Career Exploration   2. Career Clusters   3. Career Readiness   4. Work Readiness   5. Reading   6. Writing   7. Speaking & Listening   8. Digital Citizenship   9. Creative Communicator



1. Communication   2. Self-Direction   3. Problem Solving   4. Citizenship   5. Integrative Thinking


See the link above to our Program of Studies for further information about this program, including...

- Textbook

- Recommended Reading Level

- Recommended Math Skills

- CVCC Safety Exam

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Instructor Information

Instructor: Lori Hebert


Phone: (802) 476.6237 ext. 2137

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